Campbelltown Catholic Club

April 27, 2020

Campbelltown Catholic Club came to us requesting an IT analysis. Our team suggested a complete system backup and a disaster recovery solution. These two services are extremely important for loss-of-trade prevention. The Catholic Club agreed with our advice, and the job commenced.  

Firstly, backups were taken from a number of physical and virtual servers stored on site. The information extracted included stored passwords, members information, security data, staff information, banking management and Office 365 stored data. All the information was handled professionally and encrypted for customer security. Once the data had all been extracted and secured it was then uploaded to Datto cloud storage facility. 

Datto is an online cloud storage facility. Using Datto our customers are able to upload their data regularly to keep all their files updated. This is very important because it protects them from malicious deletion, ransomware attacks and any other cloud data loss. Users are also able to access their data remotely, intern improving efficiency and accessibility for staff and management.

Ultimately, once the data had been backed up and stored, staff were given a run down on navigating the cloud, accessing files and backing up their own. 

The job ran very smoothly and with a guarantee to troubleshoot future issues we left very proud of our work, with an extremely happy customer. 

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