Collegians’ New Virtual Environment for IGT

April 27, 2020

Collegians contacted SecurIT regarding server lag and an outdated server setup. After inspection by our team, it was discovered that Collegians were running IGT’s Advantage Club system on bare metal outdated servers. SecurIT suggested the hardware be upgraded while also deploying new server images giving greater capabilities to IGT’s system. 

Collegians agreed and the job commenced. Firstly, SecurIT focused on upgrading the hardware in place. This ensures the equipment will have a longer life span whilst also increasing upload speeds. Once the hardware was in place, SecurIT designed and deployed the compute and virtualisation layers for the new system. Our team worked closely with IGT to deploy new server images whilst also improving IGT’s capabilities. Upon completion, server speeds and accessibility was tested – we noted a significant increase in speed and useability. 

In conclusion, with extensive pre-project planning, direct and open communication with management and stakeholders and our hard-working SecurIT team, the job was well executed with a quick turnaround. We are very proud of our work and left a very happy customer. 

We trust the guys from SecuriT with our systems because they understand our needs, they know our vendors and they understand the industry.

Mark Boniface
Gaming Manager

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